Close your eyes if you will and let the following series take you on a journey of a certain 'thing' going through it's life, from birth to death; starting with THE FIRST, then THE SECOND, THE THIRD and so on.

WARNING - Possible Epilepsy reactions.

I will put a link to other parts of the series below as they are posted.


This is the second of a series of Apple GarageBand Music Loop compilations that I recorded within each of the sections in the iOS version of Garage Band, and then compiled a visual clip to go along with it using WZBL. I have put links below.

Fully recorded and complied on iPhone 6S.

I claim no copyright claim to any music or visual within, as they are free to use as stated in the terms and conditions of each application. All copyright claims on this work from other parties are also therefore illegal as this work has only been generated on a 'royalty free basis'

GarageBand for iOS


If this is successful and I get enough positive comments and reviews, I am more than happy to work on other projects like this, or even start to generate my own digital recording available to sale. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Thank you so very much for listening / watching, and hope that you enjoy and leave a comment, subscribe and / or like as you feel fit.

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