Second Coming of METAL JESUS - My YouTube Channel to 11
Today, I am RE-LAUNCHING my Patreon campaign and making it even better. Current subscribers like yourself will ultimately just get MORE: 

No ads for 1st 2wks on new videos, early access to new videos + brand new Audio commentaries on older videos only available HERE on Patreon + Access to live Google hangouts and streams (see PERKS & GOALS for details)

...and now that I am working full time making videos... you'll see a return of your favorite series: Game Eats, I HATE U & Game Hunting videos... plus more! I have a massive list of 30-40 videos that I immediately want to put into production.

I'm excited to take my channel to the next level and I am very happy to bring you guys even more value for your subscriptions. Thanks very much for the support and here's to an exciting 2016!