Second Goal Reached!
As many of you will have noticed, I've just hit my second goal, which means now I can actually afford to work two full days per week on Tiled! This is really a great achievement! As you may have read, I was in fact already spending this amount of time on Tiled for over one year now, and for a long time I wasn't sure whether that was a good idea since it did affect my financial situation. Having reached this goal gives me the peace of mind to continue and also to look for new ways of accelerating Tiled development.

In case you were wondering, I won't make my next goal "three days per week" because that would leave me only two days per week at my employer, which likely isn't going to be worthwhile for either of us. So instead, at least until I can somehow finance myself full-time, I plan to use additional funds in other ways:

  • In the past I've set bounties on some issues and usually this caused some developers to notice the Tiled project and start contributing. So I will be looking for suitable issues to put bounties on and will find a place on the website to advertise these bounties.
  • Sometimes I could use new hardware related to Tiled development. Right now, I could really use a faster Mac Mini to replace the ancient 2009 model that's currently building the macOS packages.
  • Last year I rented an office for a while until my daughter started going to Kindergarten. Having an office allowed me to focus better, so if the support increases further I may consider renting an office again.

Any feedback on this as well as additional ideas would be really appreciated!

Finally, a huge thank-you to all of you who are already supporting me! Have a look at the news archive to see what we have achieved together. We can do 3-4 new feature releases of Tiled per year! There are plenty of ways in which the tool can still be improved, and I'm excited to continue this journey with you!

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