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Second Guessing (1/2)

Humans are problem solving creatures. Our brains are wired for complex thinking and planning. We enjoy puzzles, games, and sports that challenge us. It is natural for us to have an impulse to solve problems we learn about, even before we know enough to recognize a bad solution. But there are some people that we as a society don’t really trust to solve their own problems, or we blame them for not trying our simple, and ineffective, solutions.

It is no coincidence these are people already socially despised in one or more way – poor, disabled, female, non white, LGBT, etc. Society takes perverse glee in telling such people, after setting them up for and failing to prevent them from tragedy, what they should have done differently. Sometimes it’s “I told you so” and sometimes “I would have told you so.” This second guessing is almost never helpful.
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