The “second idea”. Or better said “my idea for SecondLife”.
The “what are you creating” line was too short to add “Second Life content” to it. So I left it out initially. But I was still thinking about it and trying to find the best way to combine all of my does that I use to consider creative.

Second Life has sure been the most used outlet for my creativity in the past 5 - 6 years and it has been amazing.

No only by enhancing my avatar but creating items that everyone who has a SecondLife avatar can buy and use for their own avatar. All that for such a good pricing.

I am not planning on explaining what Second Life is in this post, I just want to call all Second Life players that visit my page to apply for a Patreon position that includes Second Life rewards.

The Second Life reward tier is pretty basic and cheap. Just 3$ to access it. Of course higher reward tiers are eligible to get the Second Life reward.

The reward consists in getting one or more releases from my Second Life store (depends how many releases I manage to do during the month) and/or items of your choice from the available in the catalogue.

Your avatar (or an avatar of your choice) will be receiving the said item(s) directly inworld via vendor system, included possibility of getting redelivery, costumer support and lifelong updates for that product. I use a very reliable and updated vendor system that will store the informations about the receiving avatar and you can use the product as if it were a normal instore purchase.

Of course you can choose every month a different receiving avatar. So you can make gifts or get ot for yourself.

I am sure all Second Life users will be happy to get these goodies monthly and will enjoy a lot to make their avatars look pretty and unique thanks to my creativity. I will sure be extremely glad to see you round showing off.

If you are interested in knowing more about Second Life do not hesitate  to search the web about it and check its official website. Or leave questions and thoughts in the comments below this post and I will answer them!

If I get lots of questions and that will make it worth it, I will write an article about Second Life later on so that everyone will have as much informations as needed.

Be sure to subscribe the Second Life reward  now to start getting your monthly goodies in June already.