Second milestone goal reached!
We've just hit the second milestone goal ($600)! What this means is, once your accounts are charged for the month (around the first of next month), MULTIPLEX WILL BE COMPLETELY READER SUPPORTED AND DEVOID OF THOSE ANNOYING THIRD PARTY ADS — thanks to YOU. Thank you so incredibly much! Once I can roll out the reworked site, strip images will be much larger (probably 900px wide), yet the website should still load a bit faster. My programmer Jelly and I are looking at making the site both responsive and retina-friendly at the same time, but those may take a while longer… so no promises for those just yet. I would just yank the ads now, because I hate them, except that would screw up the site layout. Removing them is not quite as simple as it might seem, I'm afraid, and will involve a bit of a redesign, as I mention in the Milestone Goals sidebar here on Patreon. When we reach the NEXT milestone goal ($1000): I will post (at least) four Multiplex Movie Reviews or other bonus comics per month here for patrons! So it will allllmost like three strips per week.