Yes, my mutated brothers and sisters, the second release is here!!! Share it, spread it around, play it!

- MEGA: 

If MEGA asks for a decryption key it's s0jfOs017yEyQpPmKmhLjpfUewmjcCzNK6b2CNN50n0

- Google Drive:  

- Installer password is autumn 2020 (Space between included too.)



To play this Post Nuclear RPG you *have* to own a copy of Fallout 2 (c) Bethesda.


1. Extract the game to a folder of your choice

2. Copy fallout2.exe, master.dat, critter.dat and patch000.dat files to the base directory (the one with patch001.dat)

3. (Optional) Rename fallout2.exe to fallouty.exe

4. (Optional) Reduce screen brightness to 15% and turn on Night Light (if available on your OS). The game was made with a specific art style supported by the original Fallout developers and this is how it's intended to look and feel. It is playable on other types of settings though but might not look as good!

5. (Optional) To pick new Traits, leave one or two slots open during character creation.

6. (Optional) The game uses original blue caves from Fallout 1. If you want to go back to brown caves, delete patch002.dat file.

7. Use your skills, items and weapons, observe the details, experiment, enjoy!



- Added new quests to Tibbets.

- Made more locations inside Tibbets accessible.

- Added new encounters including 9 new Special Encounters.

- Added one intro movie.

- Improved quality and converted all videos to native MVE format so they play for everyone.

- Added three NPC portraits.

- You can now play as a Beastlord mutant and control the animals you possess. To do so, use Examine/Binoculars on them. For more information, check the Beastlord Trait once you start the game.

- Internal restructuring for compliance with the 1.02d engine refactoring Black Isle Studios planned to support expansions. This slightly changes the install process.

- Updated sfall to the latest 4.2.8.

- Added GOODIES folder with soundtrack, wallpapers and other bonuses. More stuff on the way as it becomes part of the game.

- Added racial modifiers for super mutant and ghoul players. Check the in-game descriptions for details.

- Increased the running speed for super mutant players.

- You can now use Strength or Lockpick to remove the shackles. After that, you can find another use for them as a melee weapon.

- Added two new (teaser) world map locations, one of them being hidden.

- Added 7 new splash screens and fixed the missing one.

- Replaced big interface numbers and dates with Nixie tube numbers.

- Fixed world map glitches/lag after traveling for a long time.

- Special encounters should be unique now.

- Homebot now appears in its random encounter.

- You can now use your Pip-Boy from the inventory. You can also drop, lose, sell it... or use it as a weapon :)

- Hundreds of smaller changes and fixes.

- Fixed some slow walking/running animations.


- Added 20 new background-based Traits. Most of these come from Arcanum, another game from Fallout 1's developers.

- Added more places where low and high Luck have an effect.

- Fixed targeting screen for some enemies.

- Added more info to some new Traits and Perks descriptions about their gameplay effects.

- Power Armors are now susceptible to EMP attacks.


- Trash cans, antiseptic showers, training equipment and candy machines are now usable.

- Wasps now drop Wasp Sting.

- Robots now drop useful crafting items after being defeated.

- Shiv now ignores 80% of target's DT.


- Added lots of NPCs to Tibbets.

- You can now talk to the Vault Boy hologram.

- You can now talk to barflies.


- Added lots of sound effects for creatures.

- Added new music to the game.


P.S. Because this release adds huge amounts of content, you will encounter bugs and quests that are only alluded to but can't be initiated. Those will be implemented as we make further progress on development and story. 


-PJ & Co

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