2. /Half Hour reminder. 1867. (Pasteurizing)


 Weekly Opera:  Don Carlos (Verdi)
Noah portion. R. Shmuel

(we look up the high sunspot stress cycle  - low sunspot number years -
melody of each week in an Opera  which leads us to a King in a special decade. Later on, due to popularity  needs we will not use sunspots - which do exist in 4 different phases - and Operas in the filtering - instead the hourly Palm Melody will be contained by Pop songs - like Obladi - and the Kings will be used as containers of character Trais represented by Horoscope signs. )
2. Date List: 1867

The Kingly Archetype

5. Weekly Pharaon/King: Emperor Franz Joseph


8. The dates of this week: 15.10 - 21.10

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