I thought it might be fun to share some Mario Maker levels with my best and most loyal friends, the ones I know aren't going to make fun of my Mario Maker levels to my face. I'm not tweeting or otherwise sharing these, so the only way to get in on these EXCLUSIVE levels is to see them here! Or follow me in the game! Or randomly come across one in 100 Mario Challenge! Or probably another way, I don't know.

(Up) = (down) B20C-0000-006A-9AD0

My attempt to build an upside-down Mario level. It's kind of not that interesting in execution because there's not usually many jumps, platforms, or obstacles on the ceiling of a Mario level? But I think it does look fairly convincing, at least.

Thwompin' 2: Electric Boondoggle 0C34-0000-007A-8F63

Fran liked my first Thwompin' level, so I took the Thwomp permutations a little further, while limiting the weirdness enough to result in a playable level. There are some fun Thwomp tricks here, like having to use them as platforms, and my favorite: a stack of Thwomps with springs on them.

Sidewalkin' F443-0000-007A-913F

I tried to make an upside-down Mario level, and this is my even less successful attempt at a level rotated 90 degrees. Again, I think it looks kinda like what it's supposed to be...

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