The Secret Notes 08-March-17
This is page one of a new comic. It's a story that I've been trying to do since past year in different lengths and formats, but now I'm committed till the end to this nonsensical tale. 

It's a comic about a hobbies convention in the afterlife. At least that's where it starts. 

So, in order to make it more fun, this month I'm offering 3+ tier patrons the chance to be part of the comic as an extra. There's a scene where we see the audience at the convention, and you can be one of the small faces.

I must warn you that it happens in the context of the realm of the dead, so you will be one of the deceased, this time. If you are ok with that. 

(Of course you are)

As usual, send reference pics (or mention a previous photo that you've already sent) to [email protected] , with 'Afterlife Comic Extra' in the subject.

Note: It's ok if you want to edit your patronage to the 3+ tier just this month in order to play. Just keep it up till the end of the month.

I'll be seeing you soon with updates on the process.


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