The Secret Notes: New Comic - Boarding School P.1

These are the first two pages of a new medium-length story called Boarding School, and it’s one of the things I’ve working on, during this silent time.

I hope it looks intriguing! The files for this one currently have a “v4” somewhere in their names, because it took me four times to restart the comic until I found a style that convinced me in line with the story. I think it goes a bit in the tone of my long comic Unspeakable, although this one is only 8 pages long. There’s a lot to share about the world of the school in the dome in the form of a special dossier, so i’m thinking about doing one midway.

There will be a new portrait call related to this project as well. I’ll share the details on the next update.

I’m very excited about this comic in particular and glad to be finally sharing some of it with you. Thank you very much for your support and for accompanying me on this ride.

Juan S.

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