Secret Government ‘Nuclear Trucks’ Spotted On U.S. Highways
Ever get annoyed at those massive 18-wheeler trucks constantly on the freeways? Well, unbeknownst to most Americans, the cargo that some of these trucks carry could have the potential to end millions of lives – because their cargo is nuclear weapons. That’s right, nuclear weapons are regularly shipped in these non-descript trucks from one end of the country to another for routine inspection, testing, and maintenance, and this practice is the Achilles heel of our national security.

In the following video, Right Wing News looks at the potential security threat presented by this practice, and more disturbingly, how the agency in charge of this transport is understaffed with an insufficient budget. The Office of Secure Transportation, operating within the US Department of Energy is beset with structural problems, and the politicians don’t seem to be listening. Given the magnitude of risk this poses to our national security, when will the politicians start paying attention to things that matter?