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The Secret Word: WLD #031
Thank you for joining us for the We Like Drinking show episode 31. In this episode we’ll be discussing the hosemaster v. gayorg, top beer destinations...question mark , and getting your sweet wine fix. So crack open your beer, uncork that wine, and let’s get drinking.

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Panel Introductions (30 minutes)

A finalist in the 2013 Wine Blog Awards, a certified California Sustainable Winegrowing Ambassador, and the founder of the stay rad wine blog who started a crowdfunding campaign in order to identify the 10,000 new yeast species in his beard... Jeff “The King of All Wine Media” Solomon! Jeff is drinking Ballast Point Sculpin IPA and Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin IPA from a can. Both came in sixers at Trader Joe’s for $13.50 each.

Secret Word

He’s a member of the American Homebrewers Association and soon to be commercial brewer. After learning about the new brewery he’s building in Costa Rica, there is a small movement to change the name of the country to Costa Pobre...John Ruyak. John is drinking Sierra Nevada Hoptimum

I’m the other Jeff on the show, a certified specialist of wine, and I’ve been getting weird looks from people in public all week because I keep singing the Dayman song to myself everywhere I go… and tonight I’m drinking Service Brewing Ground Pounder Pale Ale

Booze News - Where we discuss interesting, note-worthy, or idiotic stories. (15 minutes)

Jeff S - Riedel threatens Hosemaster of Wine and and Tim Atkin over satirical piece. The Hosemaster’s response, “Hand blow me.” http://hosemasterofwine.blogspot.com/2015/08/riedel-threatens-hosemaster-of-wine.html

John R - ABQ #17? San Diego #18?? Houston #5 ??? Who writes these articles???? http://www.travelandleisure.com/slideshows/americas-best-beer-cities

Ask The Panel - Where you get to ask us a question about wine or beer. If you have a question you want answered just email us at [email protected]. If we read your question on the air you’ll get some cool WLD SWAG. (10 Minutes)

Keidi from the Santa Cruz Mountains asks, “Port. What is it? Am I a total wimp if that's all I want to drink because it's so sweet? At what point should I give up my adulthood and just drink juice?”

What’s up? What do you have your eyes on or what do you have coming up. (10 minutes)

Jeff S - Harvest at Comanche Street Vineyard really soon. Grapes have been sitting pretty at 20 - 21 Brix for the last two weeks.

John R-tune in next week for my first ever podcast from the AGB location in Costa Rica! (If technology doesn't hold me back)

Jeff E - If you have problems pronouncing some foreign words, check out Forvo.com. Native speakers speaking their language.

Last call - Time to clean house and lock the doors (10 minutes)

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Jeff S - Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @JeffisRad. Watch my Stay Rad Wine Blog TV videos on YouTube and StayRadWineBlog.com

John R - Untappd as Brewhack and Vivino as ABQwinenewb

Jeff E - You can find me on Vivino and Untappd, both at jeffeckles

You can also find the show notes for this episode with all the links to the stories or mentions we had at http://welikedrinking.com/podcast

OK panel, let’s take one last trip around the table and get some final thoughts before we shut off the lights.

Thanks again for joining us at the We Like Drinking Podcast….where you’ll never drink alone.

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