See you Friday?
I hope you had a fun Halloween! The rain ended up stopping an hour or two before dusk so we had loads of trick-or-treaters. Unfortunately we ran out of treats fairly early in the evening. I felt terrible about it, we usually have a bunch leftover so I was a bit more conservative in buying this year. Next year,  we'll make sure to have extra.

Speaking of treats, Patron rewards are in the works! I will be shipping them slightly later than usual due to the pending completion of the Krampus pins and ongoing show prep. Thank you for your patience, and thank you for your support! You really do motivate me to explore new concepts and techniques even as I keep up my woodcut work.

I know you're not all in the Portland area, but I hope to see a few of you on Friday! The good folks at Wells & Verne hung the show this evening and were even kind enough to let me run back home for more art since I severely underestimated the wall space. What you see here is just part of the show. (Here's a link to the Facebook event page for further info.)

Although you can stop in ahead of the opening, unframed prints and most of the smaller items like lapel pins, won't be available until the opening and some will ONLY be available during the opening. I will be in attendance all night.