See you in 2017 ✨
We're signing off for the year. Sort of. We'll actually be head down editing our first book, but we will feel Christmassy while we do it, and that's what matters.

This is a little thank you to you, our rad Patrons. It's only been about five months since we posted a random tweet saying we were going to do a magazine, and it's been an incredible first chapter for 404. This wouldn't have been possible without you backing us from the start and giving us some kind of confidence that we were doing something alright.

By now you'll all have received your magazine (and hopefully enjoyed it!), and we hope you'll stick around for next year's exciting happenings - Issue 2, our first book, some cool events. It's going to be something. So yes, have an ace holiday, eat, drink and read to your heart's content,  huge thanks again, and we'll see you on the other side.

2016's almost done. We made it. Bring on 2017.

- Heather & Laura, 404 Ink