See You There, Maybe?
Tomorrow, I'm forcing myself, in spite of lack of funds, to go to this thing at Dr. Phillips and have fun in spite of college wrecking me rn. May the Lynx Bus not fail me on my way there. Gotta use what I can, and welp, I never rode this thing before but I will now, in spite of some sketchy stories I heard friends tell me, JUST to go to this thing!

I'm BEYOND excited to see Mark and all his hilarious friends tomorrow, omg~! And I hope to say hi to them all, lowkey tell Tyler he looks adorable as a butler and ask Ethan if his face is okay when Mark accidentally kicked it on one of the last tour events (the video was on Tumblr, poor guy, but HAPPY 500K~!!!) xD And give Mark a stupidly cute tiny gift (or have it given to him somehow) with a tiny note saying he helped so many Undyrus shippers feel like it's okay to stick with what first stuck out to you and you're not some homophobic monster for it because of his Undertale Livestream. "Awww. That's so sweet! That's really sweet.... I ship Papyrus and Undyne! Papundyne... UNDYRUS." I don't think he even realizes how much that little thing meant so much to all of us Fishbones nerds when the fandom was a piece of BS to us over a differing headcanon, and some stray people still l try to push that nonsense and dehumanize shippers over it, I know, stupid af. He meant SO MUCH to us for saying that he shipped it so openly on the stream and how he looked like he freaking loved those two to bits,  and I want him to know that it meant the world to us at the time, I truly do... AND to ask him if he still ships it, lol

If you see a black girl with glasses wearing a black stylish beanie-ish cap and sporting a purple flowery tracksuit with some whites stripes on it, THAT'S ME, HI~!!!! I could just afford the cheapest seat. I refused to not go when I got this chance, my stubborn butt doesn't know when to quit xD