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Seeing with Peach-colored glasses: Caring for a handicapped beauty
Many viewers have asked for another video about Peaches. After much thought and consideration I decided to follow her through her daily routine in this episode.

Not only does her strong positive personality travel well to the screen, it's a good opportunity to talk about how to deal with a handicapped cockatoo. So I combined an overview of her daily shenanigans with an informative narration.

I hope that my narrative doesn't detract from either her beauty or her special personality. It's tough to do a documentary-style video in 14 days. I had customer emergenies (in my consulting business) and an impending flareup of gout to deal with. As of Thursday before release I am finally taking my gout medicine which will plunge me 30 points down on the IQ scale and give me a stomach ache. Funny thing gout. The Docs will tell you it is from eating a diet rich with meat. I have been vegan for over 20 years.

Please let me know how this episode made you feel. I plan to revise and expand it over the coming year and re-release it. I'd like to polish it to a fine shine.

Thanks for watching!

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