Seeking beta readers

Happy 4th of July all,

I have a new project that I am nearing completion on.  It's a step away from Pangea Online, though I will be returning to that world soon.  I'm looking for some feedback on my newest project.  It's a 70,000 word, post-apocalyptic Gamelit.   I should have it ready by Friday.  It's more gamelit than litrpg and has been a lot of fun to write.  It's definitely darker than Pangea Online and is kind of a mix between Resident Evil and The Walking Dead.  Here's the blurb:

"System error. Unknown error. Rebooting in 3…2…1…"

When Theo slips through the cracks of reality, he finds himself in a world where civilization has collapsed and undead threaten at every turn.  It feels like a game, yet the people and places are all real, just not like he remembers them.  With no way of knowing how he got there, finding answers seems like a daunting task.  That is until three notifications flash across his vision.

Objective: Go to town.

Objective: Locate your family.

Objective: Do not die.

If you're interested, please respond and I'll add you to the list.