Seeking Feedback on Reward Adjustments
Hey, backers (and potential backers!) Grant here.

I'm considering making some changes to our reward tiers—I'd like to make the "patreon question" thing available to everyone who pledges at all, and make topic voting available to everyone who pledges $5 or more each month. Right now, we don't have enough backers to really make the current reward tiers work; they're too restrictive, and that actually ends up putting the burden of coming up with questions and voting on topics on a very small number of listeners. That's a bit unfair to them, and it limits the potential appeal of those rewards.

First: Are those of you currently pledging at the $5 and $10 level okay with these changes?

Second: What would be a good reward for the $10 and $20 tiers? What would you like to see, or receive? Bear in mind Peter's time and my time is really pretty limited.