Selector Reward Details
► The Selector reward allows you to select ANY game for me to make into a game movie / story walkthrough series.

It comes with 3 different ranks: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Silver rank let's you choose any game that is 10 hours or less per playthrough. Gold rank is 30 hours or less per playthrough. And Platinum rank is 100 hours or less per playthrough. A game's length is basing on the website How Long To Beat @

► You are limited to select ONE game per month. You can stop your monthly payment once you have selected your game so you don't need to continue paying for more than one month if you only want to select one game.

► The general rule of thumb is that I will only work on a game that I have not already made into a game movie / story walkthrough. Therefore, be sure to ask me in the comment section below or check my channels before you sign up for the reward.

Yic17 Gaming @

Yic17 JRPG @

Yic17 Fantasy @

► There are exceptions however.

1. If my previous version was uploaded long ago with poor quality, I may be willing to do it again in HD quality this time around.

2. If the game has a new version like HD Remastered Version or Extended Version adding a bunch of new features, then I may consider it.

3. If a game has multiple paths and I chose one path (e.g. Good path), then I may be willing to play the game again going through a different path (e.g. Evil path).

Just to be safe, consult me first in the comment section below before you sign up for a Selector reward.

► I understand the cost for these rewards are VERY HIGH. But it is not without reasons. I am an artist and I am very picky about the games I play. I have a long list of games that I want to play waiting for me. So ideally, I would love to just continue going through the list.

However, for the right price, I am willing to set aside my time and passion to work on a game for someone else. I don't want to set the cost low and have too many people requesting games to turn into game movies. Otherwise I would never have the time to work on games I personally want to do.

It is not for anyone to be able to afford. It's only for people who really, really want a game that they love dearly turn into a game movie so they can revisit its story whenever they want to and be willing to pay a high price for it. That is why these rewards are so costly.