Selenite level added
Been exploring Patreon for advice. Apparently 99.99% of all Patrons are in the $1 to $5 range. So, logically, I should add a $1 donation tier. But I started off with a "Mercurian" level at $2. No closer planet to the Sun available. I decided to create a "Selenite" level (for the $1 a month donation tier) after H.G. Wells' Lunar inhabitants.   

$1 a month isn't much, but if 10,000 of you get involved I figure I could keep Poar Borealis going for a while ... :)  

I welcome suggestions as to what additional rewards I can offer the various levels of Patrons. I may have overlooked something obvious.  Meanwhile, something to celebrate. I have my first Patron! Casey June Wolf has signed up! Thank you, Casey!   

(Note that her short story "This is for Mrs. Zaberewsky" was published in Polar Borealis #1.)  

I encourage all of you to seriously consider the "Selenite" or "Mercurian" donation levels. Relatively easy on the wallet, and every donation makes my publishing schedule more reliable.  

Cheers! Graeme
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