Self-Care in Activism - Issue 7 of Radical is Here!

 Today I am sharing the best issue of Radical yet. Issue number seven boasts seven contributors of art and poetry.  Our theme this issue is self-care in activism. Whether you are creating sustainable change on the streets, a home, or work, it is vital to practice a self-care routine so you don't burn out. I hope this issue inspires you to love yourself unconditionally and take a moment every day to rejuvenate your heart and mind. You are worth it.

 As patrons*, you receive an advance copy before this issue becomes public.  Everyone else has to wait until the 5th to read this issue. But you are special! Thank you for your continued support as I share healing art and words from myself and other inspiring agents of change. You are making this happen by giving support both financially and emotionally. I am so grateful for you all.

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