Self Insert Week - Friday - Pokemon - Where We're Going
Jay's little rattata, Rex, rested precariously and nervously on his shoulders. Rex did most things precariously and/or nervously, and since he was a companion animal, and not a fighting pokemon, there really wasn't any good place for him to hide safely.

Jay had been through a couple of leagues already- every few years he would pick up, move to another country, work his way through the system, and then find a town or city to settle down in for awhile.

A couple weeks ago he had started to have the feeling that it was time to move again- He liked Sinnoh perfectly well enough, but the bug had bit and the decision had been made. After a few days of research he decided that the Alola region seemed like a good next place to visit. It would take awhile to get there- He was going to cross Sinnoh again, by foot and bike. He'd have to do some battling if he wanted to rake together enough for the crossing, but he was pretty sure his umbreon would appreciate the change of pace.

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