Self Insert Week - Saturday - Sonic the Hedgehog - The Gang
So, it really wouldn't be Self-Insert-Week without a bunch of Sonic OCs, I think.

From left to right they are: Dani (german shepherd,) Sigrid (werewolf,) Gwen (Cabbit) and Sarai (hedgewolf.)

So these aren't ALL the sonic characters that I would call Self-Inserts- there's at least 2 more, probably three- but these are the ones that I played the straightest.


Dani didn't get to see a lot of airtime- She was made sort of at the time that a Lot Of Drama was happening, so. I had a couple doodles of her with like an extreme gear and I sort of imagined that maybe she was Tails's apprentice (I had an aged-up Tails design that I rather liked) but I never got to go anywhere with it, so it went... nowhere. As of just now i am calling her Jeans Dog because that is absolutely the colors she is supposed to be: jeans.

Sigrid's like, god. The Oldest. She's a werewolf and probably way way op. (somebody nerf this fucking werewolf holy shit) and listen I don't wanna get TOO far into her deal but she has Some Problems and she tries very hard to cover them with jokes but it does not work. I love her though and she is still secretly my favorite.

Gwen is the child of some people you've seen before! she didn't really get to be older than about 3 in the main rp so a lot of my exploration of her character happened elsewhere- like in an offshoot RP exclusively for battles, or in a different, slice-of-life/college story i was working for a little while (while in highschool of course lmao.) She ended up being an outlet for how Aggressively Gay I was/am and I did a lot of figuring myself out with her.

Sarai is a twin! she's one of sigrid's (many many many many many children why do she and shadow have so many fucking children god help me there are so many and they are all so messed up because their parents are so fucking bad.) she is super shy. that's pretty much the full extent of her character. extremely shy and aggressively opposed to confrontation. (her sister, illith, is the exact opposite, of course, lmao.)

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