self portrait and general process run down
hey loves. i often get asked how i create my art. while i do alot of watercolor, oil and pencil stuff, alot of it is also digitally painted. when people think digital, it can mean alot of things. it can be vector art where you create lines via the computer by bending and straightening the line. it can be a filtered photo. a composite. yadda yadda.

   in my case i digitally paint. (occasionally i scan a colored pencil drawing and go over it with a digital brush). this means my own brush and pencil strokes create the image one the screen as if i was doing it on paper or canvas. i literally draw on a touch screen. (think windows old paint program, except a slicker adult version). my computers screen doubles as my sketchpad. 

    the process for this self portrait is one i use in most my work, whether digital or not: i begin with a pencil drawing, add basic blocks of color, add shading, dark and mid tones, then add light tones and miscellaneous details.

thats a bit of a look into my workflow. :)

thanks again!