Tier Benefits
Awesome Patron!
$3 or more per month 36 patrons
This is the basic support level, allowing me to try to maintain regular game or geek life posts to owenkcstephens.com. If any free game material gets posted to other sites, an update will allow all my patrons to easily find it.
$10 or more per month 4 patrons
Still awesome, but now much bigger! At some point each month, mega-patrons get a (very simple, unremarkable) pdf compiling all the free material I released the previous month. 

(This used to be the $20 level, but I've brought it down in keeping with the average length of the pdfs.)

Pledge $35 or more per month
2 of 4 patrons
At this level, once a month I'll end one of my longer-ish blog posts with a specific thanks to you as a sponsor, along with a link to your own blog, store, or other online presence.
These may be fairly tongue in cheek, with "Blog-O's Brought To you By!" type messages. I actually think this is the best way to get people to read who sponsored a post, and maybe be interested enough to click the link to your thing.
Not that this isn't a pay-to-post-content situation. The blog post will still be unrelated to your link, I'll just publicly thank you for being a sponsor of my blog, which as a patron at this reward level, you are!
I may increase the number of these available later, after I see how they impact the flow of my blog writing.
$200 or more per month 0 patrons
 Once a month, with the timing assigned by me but working with you if you have specific scheduling issues, you get an hour of my time. We can chat via Skype or Hangouts. I can consult on something. If you are local we can play cards at the AFK Tavern. You can ask me to write one hour of something specific. If you go to a Con I am at, you may get to be included in some dinner or event I go to. We'll work it out. 
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