What would be the effect of a consistent long-term low-dose of feeling attacked and unappreciated? Could it possibly be a subtle sense of never being good enough and of unresolved anger and frustration? Perhaps the miraculousness of Christ is in the healing of wounds that we didn’t even know we had. The personality tends to evade these wounds and usually denies they are a problem. What it doesn’t know or is it too proud to admit is that it is itself the problem. The identity of the personality is not who we really are. So why continue upholding this identity with more regard than upholding the true identity of the soul? Why feed this false identity and give it the power to ruin us in secret? Disconnection from the true identity of the soul causes negative self-regard. This makes it easy for the personality to seize control of us through fear (being wrong, bad or not good enough, etc). The desire to be seen as good and right becomes more important than the soul. Here is the downfall of mankind: the unconscious agreement to measure ourselves according to how well we adhere to the standards and rules that determine what is good and right in exchange for the soul. What seems to be right and good are things such as fortune, fame, approval, acceptance, good looks, popularity, etc. A positive or negative value is assigned depending on whether one fails or succeeds in hitting “the mark”. Sometimes we hit, sometimes we miss. The instability this creates for our self-regard is considered normal. The conclusion is we need to hit “the mark” to receive heaven and salvation. Perhaps we’ve missed the point that the soul IS heaven AND salvation. Maybe this is what the story of Jesus is trying to tell us. How are we to know if we don’t try and see for ourselves? Fear and doubt can be overcome by walking right through them. We find an infinite supply of love and assured confidence on the other side. We also find the true source of self-esteem which we have been longing for all our lives. Underneath the wounds of the personality lies an incredible richness of other such similar qualities. Oftentimes we have to search for significance and worth in all the wrong places before we can become humbled enough to turn to the soul. Please be aware that it is VERY important not to judge the personality. This can cause us to unconsciously identify with an alternate personality that judges the original personality. This can happen multiple times (see Luke 8:30). The fact that Jesus commanded us to love our enemies is not a coincidence because Jesus represents the soul and the enemy represents the personality. We may not be able to entirely overcome the personality while we are still alive. It does not matter how slow the progress; all things are possible with God. Buying into the feeling that we cannot enjoy the riches of our soul causes destruction. When we identify with who we really are we drape ourselves in infinite self-esteem instead. We don’t have to allow a negative self-regard to make us feel unworthy of our own souls.
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