SELF / SCRIPTS on Vinyl!?!
Hey guys, I know Self / Scripts isn't over yet, but I actually have all of the songs finished for this year and have been contemplating how I want to finish off the project. There have been a couple people tell me that it would be cool to put Self / Scripts out on vinyl. I absolutely adore this idea because I think its such a beautiful form of art. I have actually started my own record collection this year. 

The only downside is that the project is too long to fit on one record, so it would need to be a double album, which makes the cost...double. Depending on how many people order, it would cost between $45-50. I would be taking a loss, but am totally willing to do it if you guys like the idea. 

If enough people are into the idea, I would get mock ups made & an exact cost for you, but I just wanted to see if this is even worth pursuing. And if this isn't something you want, that's totally okay too! 

What would be included:

*Two 12" Records, each in a paper sleeve, housed inside one cardboard jacket
*Full color Jacket & Labels - Some really rad S/S artwork designed by Zach 
*Inside Lyrics/Artwork sheet
*Black or Transparent record (depending on how many people order)
*Download card for the music

*Please choose a poll option regardless below to help me decide if I should get working on this asap. Thanks friends!*

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