It seems the "selfies are narcissistic" trope is running round again. It's garbage, full stop. People do art. The image I posted in my last post was... a Selfie. Rembrandt did them. Van Gogh did them. The first photographers did them.

Some of the oldest art we have... is a form of selfie; and we find it the whole world round. In the caves at Lascaux, on the rock of the Southwestern US, in the hills of South Africa you find them. Handprints. A persons hand, placed against the rock and outlined in paint. The intentional placing of a specific persons hand, marked for all time (in spirit, if not in fact), and left where the world could see it.

Not private art, like a talisman to be worn around the neck, or kept in a pocket. Nor a semi-public thing like a flute; nope. Left out, to be seen by anyone who passed by; I, a person, was here.

A selfie.

Go thou, and do likewise.
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