Selkies' Skins 2 Chapter 9 starts
Selkies' Skins Book Two: Temple and Skinquest is finally seeing progress in the manuscript again. The webnovel version has had the first part of the ninth chapter uploaded. I release the webnovel version of the book before the print and ebook editions so as to give readers a look at early forms of the storyline, as sometimes things get added or cut from the final product. I then usually have to think about that cut content as to whether or not I want to put it into a short story format for the continuity for those readers that like the side glimpses.

Selkies' Skins is an interesting tale for me to work with because it is not just one storyline. Finnol, Etain, and Kirsty each have their own parts to play in the main theme (Kirsty's quest) as well as their decisions influencing a larger storyline that is cared for by the Dragon Shaman books and the Shadow Chronicles books. In addition David has his own contributions to make to both. I've been accused of having an obsession with braiding, maybe that stands accurate.

I might look forward to when these three book series get to have their main characters face the end goal, the Weavers, and Asteroth a bit much. For now I have to keep chipping away at individual parts.

Without further ado, I present to you the beginning of Chapter Nine:

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