Semi Co-op now on CoolStuffInc!

Woooh, what’s this?! Yes, this collaboration with CoolStuffInc is something that’s been in the works for several weeks now and we can finally talk about it! From now on, if you’re curious about the upcoming Semi Co-op comic, you can now exclusively read it at a few days in advance. For the foreseeable future we will keep to our update schedule as usual on our own website. EXCEPT, there will be more Semi Co-op content, that we’re excited about! A win-win situation!

In every newsletter of CoolStuffInc, there will be a Semi Co-op comic. This means, besides sharing our weekly comic with their audience, CSI sponsors us to make extra comics for all the other newsletters. These comics are a little different from our regular comics. They look more sketched and hand drawn and are a little shorter. You can subscribe to the CoolStuffInc newsletter to read them as soon as possible or wait two days for us to post them on our social media channels. Since it is the holiday season there will be more newsletters than normal and this means two extra comics every week until Christmas! From then on, there will be one extra comic every week.

With this collaboration we’re hoping to reach a bigger audience and make more people chuckle over silly and funny board game related comics. CoolStuffInc will have no influence over the content we make and they have clearly expressed that they enjoy what we do and just want to support the work that we're already doing. And we really appreciate their faith in us.

The weekly comics on Monday remain funded by you, our amazing Patrons! <3 And we’d like to thank you so much for your support. We’re really excited to share this crazy adventure with you.

If you have any questions, we’d love to answer them. :) 

Rachel & Heinze