Please send some good goojoo between now and the end of the month! 

June 30 is the deadline for the Women in Film Finishing Fund-- there are very few grants out there for feature films because we are supposed to be, by definition, commercial ventures so each opportunity is a priority.  In order to apply for this particular grant, we must have a rough cut of the film completed.  

Well I'll be honest with you folks, I am 60 minutes into our 85 minute film and it is slow going-- and I am not sure how much sense the movie is going to make without all of its sound cues and visual tricks in place.   And grant applications are all different-- there are no two alike- so I can't use materials from the last two applications that I submitted for this one.  I have to come up with a differently formatted budget, financial outlook sheet, bio page, etc. -- thank goodness I have experience in this area!  But it can be draining because these are things that zap my mojo.  We are also going out of town for a wedding next week which cuts my time short.  

The good news is-- with our timeline, even if I don't make this deadline we could still apply for it next year when we are better situated so there is a little less pressure there.  Back to work!