Send a voice message to MTB Practice Lab via your computer

Anyone can now send me a voice message related to the podcast via your computer. Click the sliding right sidebar widget or visit the Contact Us page on my Mountain Bike Geezer website. You'll get a popup that prompts you to leave a message that's less than 90 seconds. You can retry your message as many times as needed before you send it. You'll then be prompted for your name and email address so I can follow up with you.

My hope is that this not only encourages you to give me feedback and make suggestions. But I'd also like to be able to consider how I might include the submitted audio in future episodes.

I'm using the free version of the SpeakPipe service for now. If all goes well, I'll purchase the upgrade that allows for longer messages.

I also have a Google Voicemail number that can be used to leave a message if you prefer to use your phone:  (507) 301-6243‬.