Senecan Landscape

Another landscape of Dragonsstaff. 

The other primary region of the story, Seneca, is actually on a completely different continent than Etrusca and Avar. This is Tony's home and we get to see it for ourselves in Confederates. (So there's a bit of a wait.) A modern and flourishing country, the Senecan Confederacy hasn't really been much for magic in the last few centuries. However, it is a major world power, to the point that Senecan is the language of trade. (Fortunately for Tony, who is not bilingual.) 

Meta-wise, Seneca is basically the United States. Only slightly altered so that Iroquois Confederacy was the starting point for the nation. "Seneca" is actually one of the five nations that made up the Iroquois. It is a fairly large country, but most of what we see of it is based off a haphazard mix of locations all along the East Coast. The start of the plot required Tony didn't know anything about his heritage... which is difficult. To say the least. So working out a separate region that doesn't work with magic much at all while Etrusca definitely is aware of it being a thing was a bit of a challenge. There's a very good reason for Seneca being skeptical of magic. But that's another story.

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