Sengoku Let's Play #4
We're slowly building up our infrastructure - upgrading the village and castle. As we only have one Kori, we are a bit hindered. 

The difficulty indicator in the game seems a bit weird. I'm not sure exactly how it's deriving it's rating. It gave me a rating of about 50% for this Let's Play, but I am inclined to think it's a lot harder simply for the fact that I am only starting with one Kori(area).

Also, look for some Patron-only posts detailing behind the scenes of what I'm doing with Zero Friction - the first part of my 3-pillar attack-plan for producing content. Each pillar is a huge undertaking and Pillar-1(the site) is up and off to a great start out the gate - so I will be detailing what I've been doing with it and how and more.

Thanks for stopping by, thanks to those who pledged and those thinking of pledging!

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