Sentinels of the Shield (Character Backgrounds - Rough Drafts)

So, as you know, I am working diligently on the development of the third and final book for my Wyvernshield fantasy series.  Right now the working title is tentatively called Swimming in the Ashes.   

To be completely honest with you, I have been stuck in my outlining process and overwhelmed by the complexity of the story I want to tell you.  In effort to work out the kinks, I have done a deep dive into the resource and reference material I will need to tell the tale.  

I thought you as my Patrons might like a sneak peek and look behind the curtain at how I world-build.  Here is an excerpt of my work, delving into some minor characters that will be introduced in the book.  These ten people will all be in the lands of Tayneva (some old regions and some yet explored).  In The Bleeding Crown , I got to explore quite a bit of Aberrisc.  Now in this book, I want to explore much more of the globe of Tayneva, giving you all a glimpse of the lands, forests, seas, and mountains where my characters live and breathe. 

To better understand these little bios, I need to provide you a snapshot of the politics of Tayneva at present.  Currently there are thirteen unique countries or areas on the two land masses of Tayneva.  The larger continent is home to two political affinities:  the Keliada Alliance and Rovmantysa Front.  Their political and military agendas have set them apart for generations.  The balance for global power had been tilted mainly toward King Jehah II's Keliada Alliance when they gained the new allegiance of the war-tribes of the Kraat Mountains. However, Wyvernshield, a former ally to the Keliada Alliance has cut off all connections and remains in question.   

In these short background stories, you may note the (A), (N), and (E) designations.  These letters stand for that specific land's political stance.  (A) for ally to the Keliada Alliance. (N) for a nation that has neutral political connections -- Risa, Corrta Vasts and the city-state of Wyvernshield hold this designation. (E) is a known enemy and ally to the Rovmantysa Front.

Sentinels of the Shield:


Areth Ryeton – Profession: Blacksmith – Lives in the small city of Y’bora, Nyemante (A). An athletic, young man of 24 years, black hair and blue eyes. Due to being orphaned at the age of three, he has a strong passion for justice and protection. His parents were killed on a family trip by road bandits. He works hard at making weapons “to protect the innocent”. His skills have earned him a small shop with an apprentice. He doesn't have any children, but his girlfriend is one of the city guard. He has average intelligence, but a very good sense of humor. 

Shondra Basque – Profession: Mending Nurse – Lives in the farming village of Korael, Risa (N).  An attractive slender woman of 28 years, honey brown hair with vibrant green eyes. A very giving woman who has worked her whole life at developing her Mending skills. She has dreams of one day going to a larger Mending School perhaps in Keliada or Trudora. Works in a local hospelle. Her husband and son are forest scouts/hunters.

Shei Goldendaar – Governor’s daughter – Lives in small town called Rouse Gardens, Rovmantysa (E). Short for her seventeen years but has long brown hair and blue eyes. In spite of her family's wealth, she is very down to earth in spirit and attitude. Often has a sarcastic wit. She always gives of herself and volunteers her days helping the local townsfolk. She studies history and politics in hopes that she can make a difference in the world. She has ambitions of being a leader as her father and maybe even more. Her mother died shortly after her birth, so her father is very over-protective and sometimes controlling.

Komay Naha – Profession: student teacher of the blind – Ramanon, Risa (N). Only eight years old with reddish brown hair and green eyes. Exceptionally bright and cheerful, but a bit insecure due to a large smattering of freckles all over her face and arms. She has been working with her mother at a school for the blind for less than a year. Her father died defending Wyvernshield in the Viestrahl Horde Battle. They fled Wyvernshield and moved to Risa. 

Broud Vaesko – Profession: Candlemaker – Lives in Falldew, Trudora (A). Seventy-two, he is a wisened ex-soldier living in semi-retirement as a candlemaker. He has white hair and brown eyes. He is outgoing and has a dry wit sense of humor. His shop does alright, but he mainly works for the interaction with people as he has no family. Has an old, female collie dog, Kayray, which he worries about should something ever happen to him.

Roridean Penne – Profession: City Guard – Lives and guards the wall in Rovmant, Rovmantysa (E). He has steadily worked his way up through the ranks in his thirty-three years. He has long black hair and gray eyes. Renowned for his drive, an ambitious and lawful man who wants to provide for his wife and two sons and be a good example for them. He has worked hard to make it to lieutenant in the city guard. Specializes in tracking and forest lore.  However, the government’s politics have become harder for him to ignore and bothers him often.

Dante Penne – Roridean’s son – Also lives in Rovmant, Rovmantysa with his family. He is good-natured and idolizes his father and older brother. He has an eyelid cleft and a vision issue caused by the fact that his left iris is key-shaped. This has hampered him some in school, so he has a low self-esteem due to bullying and poor grades.

Tsia Bhantur – Profession: Fisherman’s wife – Lives on a sailing vessel off Kemneth Cove, Premia Isles(A). She is a slender woman with long beautiful black hair and green eyes. She is mild mannered and generous. She has a deep sense of loyalty to her husband and works with him side-by-side as they fish the shores for schools of Redscale Bass and Hoarder Crabs. They met when they were young children and have been in love ever since. They both want children badly but so far, they have not been successful. 

Stoi Tairenspark – Profession: Ship Captain – Docks mainly in the capital city of Para Delee, Kraat Mountains(A). Tending toward the heavyset in frame with brown hair and hazel-green eyes. He is age thirty-one now, but in his youth, he was a criminal and selfish. Now he is working hard to redeem himself as an honest merchant and supply ship captain. He sees his only son secretly but doesn't reveal himself to his son or the mother as he is ashamed and doesn’t want to disgrace them.

Vii Sparra – Profession: Library Sage – Works within the continent’s largest library in Banca, Dovvis(E). Her long life of eighty-one years has given her a vast experience to recall upon and pull from. Her sharp brown eyes are as sharp as her mind.  Very knowledgeable and has a vast amount of lore. However, she recently learned she has finally developed a terminal disease that has plagued her family for generations and expects to die within a year. She takes great pride in the library organization and how she runs it. She has been trying to find a replacement sage headmistress for the library.

Hope you enjoyed this brief look into what's in store for you when you read my next fantasy novel!  

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