(September 10th, 2017), Article Excerpt
After rumors surfaced of Kid Rock running for U.S. Senate, many of you didn't listen. Well, nobody is laughing now. With the launch of kidrockforsenate.com and a tweet from Kid Rock himself claiming the website to be real, the rock star he gave a sample of his "campaign speech" for fans at his concert, and it's pretty... pretty... pretty awful... 

The podium appeared before an audience at Kid Rock's concert in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he immediately delved into the issue of single mothers, stating quite clearly he would 

"Put their goddamned asses to work and lock up all these women, who can’t even take care of themselves, and keep having kid after fucking kid." 

He then refuted the idea of single payer healthcare, the system used in every other industrialized country, saying

"I don't believe you should save, sacrifice, do things by the book and have to take care of some deadbeat motherfucker."