September Showcase: September 13th.
Yeah, missed a couple of days there.  Combination no-sleep and maybe post-convention crud. Anyway, this is, I think, the first microfiction I wrote for the Patreon. Apparently over two years ago.


Seasonal Affectation Disorder.

“Vampirism is just simply so passe,” sighed the hostess. “We have seen a vampire Season. Werewolf, mummy, lich… last year there was a time when for three weeks everyone simply had to be a golem or automaton. And don’t get me started on being witches and warlocks, necromancers and those dreadful haruspices. It’s simply all been done. Even the cosmic nihilism couldn’t sustain more than the month between the theater and the cotillions.”

I spread my hands. “Have you thought about simply being normal?”

She tittered behind her fan. “Oh, you.  As if we’re all jaded enough to try that.”