September Rewards!
Hey Gang - sorry for the late post on our rewards for this month - it's been a crazy week with Fan Expo Canada and now madly replenishing stock for the next shows!

Mini of the Month: Iris Rhino. This little girl is so sweet. She's a bit of a sample of the next collection coming out, but the design is different and a different color so they won't seem too matchy matchy.

Figure and Pendant: Baby Trixie Dragon - this is the youngest (and last!) of the Baby Crystal Dragons collection. She is a beautiful color combo of pale emerald and dark teal (different from the two emerald shades that made up our ECCC exclusive this year!).

As always, we aren't sure what the next mini will be but the next figure and pendant rewards will be out of our next collection. It debuts October 5th at NYCC, so Patreons will actually be the first folks to get them as they'll ship on the 1st as usual!

Thanks so much!