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September Creation #2: A Water Poem
The rain tells me everything I'm entranced, because Every raindrop is a traveller And a storyteller Ripples hypnotize me As they intersect, I find Galaxies, like lovers, Intertwined I float upon rivers On their banks, I meet Wise men Born of wise women Blood drives, in rhythmic Curving highways My flesh is paved My heart is a station Water, liquid Goddess, rising Fountain Surrendering mountain The rain tells me everything I'm listening NOTE FROM NATE: Happy being alive day my friends! I hope you enjoy this month's second creation. I've been working on this poem for a while now, wandering the street of London and thinking about the incredible beauty and surrender inherent in water. Water flows yet washes away mountains. It holds so many mysteries and one of its strengths is its ability to become the shape of whatever vessel it sits in. Water is a teacher :). Anyway, this poem came about and I'm happy to share it with you. The photo is from my home village Scarborough. Just this month my dad sold our family home, which he and my mom built. It was time to move on and I celebrate his liberation, but there is also deep sadness that the house of all my memories is no longer available as an anchor, or root, in this world. So, the end comes for all things eventually. This too shall pass :). I dedicate this song to the beauty of my village, which shaped so much of what I create now as an artist and who I am as an individual. WELCOME to the new patrons, thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in me enough to CHOOSE to support what I'm doing. You could get this all for free, and the fact that you value my art enough to pledge is a miracle I am grateful for every single day. I frickin' LOVE YA! If you enjoy this creation, please feel free to use the sharing buttons to tell your friends, family and lovers about it. As always, you get this 24 hours before anyone else, so enjoy the sneak preview :) Love to you all Magical hugs Nate PS: I'm heading to LA today, then Santa Cruz on Monday! I love California! more to come soon, loving blogging right now!!!
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