September 2015 The Plan for 30.30.30

THE PLAN: Thirty days, thirty pieces, thirty minutes each. My Patreon Patrons get exclusive first dibs on ALL of my 30.30.30 project work coming up this year! 

I am not sure what work it will be but, I guarantee it will be work that I have never posted anywhere else.Alternating between visual art and writing; My 30.30.30 activities have previously been posted on my blog and on my facebook page. April 2015 started HERE:

April 2014 I alternated between painting and drawing HERE: HERE: 2014 ~ 30 Day Art Journal Project HERE:

September 2013 was a daily Mandala Project (which grew and ended up in my 2013 Show, "A Round Now In A Square Time" with artist & friend, Allison Midgley) That project starts HERE:

The Show is HERE:

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