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You will recieve early news and info on the projects being created on the channel. In 2017 i plan to create bigger and better videos that go outside of just a normal commentary. You will also receive the guests for casual conversations at least a day before the podcast is released 
Lets Play CS:GO Together
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You will be eligibile to play in the Patreon only games that will occur on stream every sat. Also you get everything down below.
Ask Us Questions
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You will be eligible to submit your own questions to be answered by me & a guest of your choosing on my podcast casual conversations. Also you receive everything below
Add Me On Steam
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I will be adding any $20 or up patreon on steam. What this means is you may get invited to games when we need people to play, and you can message me whenever im online. Previously ive added a lot of people but my friends list on both accounts has become full and this is the only way i can add more people without it being unfair. As well as everything below
Whats Your Video Idea?
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Thanks for being awesome and helping the channel. You will be able to pick a topic i talk about for a video on the channel as long as i approve of it. Most topics will be approved as long as they are not offensive, racist, or just messed up in general. As well as everything below.
Your a Baller
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Thanks for supporting the show this much. For this you will be able to join me in a recording whether that be a commentary or a gameplay video is up to you. Also everything below
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