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See pages early!  I typically receive the first one on the 6th of the month and the other three a day or two afterwards.  If you are a patron, you can see them as soon as I receive them.  Heck, if you like, you can even see the sketches if you're interested.
Please, as a courtesy to me and your fellow fans, keep these pages to yourself and do not post spoilers.
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Dolly Dressup!

Got an outfit you'd love to see Dolly wear?  Donate this level and tell me what it is and I'll see that it happens.  Full credit given of course.  Providing pics will help as well.
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Be rescued by Dolly!

Donate at this level and you can be an innocent bystander, TF'ed by one of the villains' nefarious plans!  When new episodes come out, I will state what TF's will occur and you can sign up if you want to be subjected to it.  ^^
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