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You get exclusive access to our Patreon Activity Feed where we provide updates about the individual and collective creative efforts of our crew. Receive images of the new costumes and dances we are making, hear fun anecdotes about the creative process, preview some lyrics that we are playing with, check out testimonies of crew members who reflect on Carnival events. Also, look out for links to music from our very own talented crew!
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In addition to access to our Patreon feed, you'll receive an invitation to join our private facebook group “Carnivalistas” where you'll learn more about what we are up to and get more opportunity to weigh in. Vote on the titles for midway games, theater pieces, and songs. Weigh in on which costume we build next or which song we choreograph to. Help us brainstorm the rules to midway games or develop quirks for new Carnival characters. Also, learn about the activities of other Carnivalistas, and where the seeds of hope are being sown.
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In addition to everything above, you'll receive annual Postcard Art of our favorite shots following Carnival production. You can gift these to others or stick on your fridge to remind you of the magic and mystery of our upside down world. 
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In addition to all the above, you'll get links to copy-right free, beautiful Nature Photography, captured by Carnival folk, that you may use for pleasure, for your own promotional purposes or as artistic gifts for friends.
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We're pumpin' up your jams with original CDs and DVDs sent to you quarterly, made by our Carnival Crew members. This includes much of the music from above, but will put the original artwork, lyrics and liner notes within your hands. This includes old releases by Soulmobile, Psalters, Theillalogicalspoon and others... combined with new releases from Jessica Campbell, Paola De La Concha, Soulmobile, Beast, Caleb Lange, and many others.
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In addition to everything above, you will gain access to the Holy Brain Farts monthly discussion circles with the Carnival Crew. You will receive monthly updates on the articles, documentaries and books that we are reading and then be invited to join in the presentations and group reflections around such topics as Carnival History, Street Theater, Midrash, the politics of solidarity, Anti-racism work, Creation Spirituality, and many others...
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Everything above plus a Pre-Christmas Package full of goodies that you can re-gift or keep for yourself. Push against this commercial holiday by providing gifts straight from the artists and craftsman working to transform the world! This may include hand-crafted herbal medicine, frame- worthy prints of original mural work, a packet of 'feral faith' postcards, unique carnival accessories and much more! We’ll bulk it up with special items with you in mind!
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