September Showcase: Halloween, 2016.

I wrote this one up for the holiday, last year.  I have grown very fond of Halloween; at least, when it's spooky and maybe a touch solemn, but not scary. And there's just something about a chill breeze from the window when you know that the covers are still there, warm and dry and welcoming. 


Halloween, 2016

Have cool winds wet with rain and chill

Arrived now at your windowsill?

Pick out a pumpkin for the porch;

Prepare the lantern and the torch.

Youth of Summer now yields to Fall;

Harvest-season comes to us all.

As days grow short and leaves arise

Like circling bats in windy skies

Let those who love the oldest ways

On moonlit hills make somber praise:

We wish none ill; our ways are not

Evil-aligned, in deed or thought.

Endless revels in friendly night;

Naught none should fear, who sees that sight.