September 2016: One on One Mentorship
*Deadline to sign up is August 29th at Midnight PST*

-Create a tangible goal to work on for the month. (Whether it's an environment, study, prop, material, lighting, toolset, etc.). Once you've committed to something, we'll only stick to that.

-We'll than create a schedule based around that. That schedule will include two weekly events, that you can either video chat, email or send through messenger: 

  • 1 Check-in on Wednesdays or Thursdays to see the progress of your work and give any applicable feedback or ask questions. Doesnt have to be in a presentable state

  • 1 Saturday morning (7 AM PST) submission where you'll present your works current state. I'll do more in-depth breakdowns of what you have, talk about possible next steps and (if applicable) paint overs or image breakdowns. If possible, through video conference or messenger chat. That will happen either Saturday or Sunday.

Ideally, by the end of the month, you should have something that can be portfolio worthy or working you towards one. Depending on the type of goal, it's okay if it isn't totally portfolio ready. If you learn somethings that you can apply in future portfolio pieces, that's just as valuable! It all depends on how much you put into this.