September 2016
Hi, everyone! :D Ahh, it's been a busy month. I've been thumbnailing Book 2 of NewsPrints and working on SfR pages. Thanks to a super generous patron, it looks like we've met the $175 wallpaper goal for September, SO WALLPAPERS FOR ALL PATRONS, YAY! :D

The wallpaper is the illustration of Saint and little Pat above, which is currently a work-in-process. Space-Time Artisans ($10+) will also received a layered PSD of the illustration, along with PSDs for two SfR pages!

Here's what's being sent out on October 6th!

  • Updated sketch stream password!
  • Sketchbook PDFs and 9 Comic GIFs  to $5+ patrons! 
  • +3 layered PSDs + accompanying notes to $10+ patrons!

Thank you for your support! <3