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September 2017 Video Out Now
Hej guys

Couple of the things.

(1) This video is here and I wanna thank everyone whop chipped in, a makes a big difference to me, so thanks a lot.

(2) I know I need to fix the reward/discord shtuff and I have been delayed in doing that because...

(3) I have been super busy this month with band stuff/getting sick/commissioned work/teaching/school/life.

(4) This particular work which I am doing for will eventually result in another video for my channel. However, I'm not considering it a Patreon video so don't worry. <3

That's it! I hope you guys enjoy the vid while you're waiting for the Dueling Fates update. Like I said, I'll be looking at fixing the reward/discord stuff over the next couple days now that things have quietened down somewhat.