September-October 2022 Devlog

Nov 2, 2022

There wasn’t much to talk about in September since I was working on stuff for The International 2022.

Not gonna list all the new reports, but there was a complete TI11 reports hub with everything you know:
Worked remotely at the event, sadly, so I missed both Oslo and Singapore action. Hopefully, world won’t end and it will be possible for me to go next time.

Also there were True Sight Insights releases, which used my stats in some places (and even mentioned me as data source hehe).

Anyway, here are the changes

LRG2 branch

  • Added “rampage when lost” records. This is a testing ground for the future, going to work on it later in Kamina.
  • Added LID links and corresponding shorthand (it redirects to search using this LID).
It's an OK-ish way to lookup a specific LID/event report (you can also use latest GET param to make it redirect to the latest event using this league ID), but I would not recommend using it unless you know what you're doing (many reports don't have LIDs at all, some leagues share the same LID, etc), so in most cases I would advice to continue using the categories at the top
  • Updated player and team interest filters, reports now work better for predictions
  • LRG2 schema update - adding analysis status, lane status, roles (not lane-roles, like now), starting items and skill builds.
This is already implemented, testing things out for now. As soon as I am sure everything is stable, I’ll start rolling out related features.
For now it’s improved draft order, first pick flag, series ID, starting items and skill builds. I wanted to add Runes and Objectives as well, but with the current state of things it would lead to much bigger load.
With the current state of things updating the schema is a pain in the ass, but I’m starting to implement some better things on top of the old code, to use as foundation with Kamina later on and make a more flexible schema.


  • Managed to restore my old database schema concept

Not much else to talk about for now. Most of it ties with the plan described below.


  • Guame LIDs got some improvements
  • DPC '22 and TI11 matches got their tags
  • Enabled endless Session tokens in API (basically act like API tokens for outside use)

Other things

  • Updated profile_badge icons for Lance of Pursuit, Occult Bracelet, Ogre Seal Totem, Leech Seed, Specialist’s Array, Dagger of Ristul, Eye of the Vizier

Cool stuff in progress

  • Still “Weekly Meta” reports, particularly Herald and Turbo. I explored this concept before, now I have all the things ready for it (mostly). Probably going to start working on it and testing things out soon enough.Things to consider: (1) Herald and Guardian stats are combined to one bracket on Stratz, (2) Turbo stats lack items data (there is no game mode filter for items atm), so I’m not exactly sure what to do with it. I can fallback to existing hero builds, of course, and correct the timings, since the builds don’t change that much in Turbo. But maybe I’ll just turn items stats off and that’s about it.

Things to come

  • Starting items and skill builds in the reports (Immortal Ranked)
  • LRG2 builds update (inspired by the new discussions we had with the Dota2ProTracker dev)
  • LoL stats instance, based on LRG2 with some additional stats. More like proof of concept for now, using only Diamond+ stats most likely. Not sure when, but probably soon. Using the same foundation used for Weekly Meta reports
  • LRG2 UI Rewrite -- this is the fabled Kamina/Simon leaking out. It will be the first iteration of it.

Plans for now

  1. The International 2022 - ✅ Done
  2. Schema update - ✅Done
  3. New report features: builds update, first pick stats, starting items, skill builds, improved roles/laning...
  4. Weekly meta, LoL stats test
  5. Lurker and live API – it takes way too long for me to do, but I’m getting there. Like, really.
  6. UI rewrite – will make it easier to contribute + unify API and UI code
  7. Daemon-watcher v1

Not sure what next, that’s already a lot.

At least Live Matches Monitor v3, analyst dashboard and records monitoring and shit.

Then database layer rewrite, including in-built schema patcher and all sorts of stuff. Then new Fetcher server, new data sources and all sorts of stuff to do. This is more long term.

Draft simulator and LoL reports are things I still want to do, too. I have some ideas on how to implement it, but for now new report features, weekly meta and all the stuff have higher priority.

One thing I’m planning to do soon is refreshing Patreon tiers. I still have absolutely no idea what to do of it, but I think tiers could be collapsed to give more benefits to lower tiers? Maybe leave higher tiers just for the sake of supporting the project.

That’s about it for now! See ya

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