September Showcase: September 27th.
Apropos of nothing, my eldest thinks that cheetahs are the coolest cats ever, and wants one as a pet.  ...So say we all, son.  So say we all.


Fear Feline Ferocity, Feckless Felons!

“So, basically, the same freak lab experiment that gave you your powers also irradiated your cat.”


“Thus also giving it…”


“...him, sorry, transformation powers.”


“So he’s become Super-Cat?”


“...His alternate form is that of a cheetah.”

“Well, to a cat a cheetah is like, you know, Superman or something.”

“Yes, but people get upset when cheetahs appear on the street.”

“He’s extremely well-behaved. Super-Cat has a code against killing.”


“I think that the moral code comes with the powers.  Besides, I made him a cape. ...See?”

“I will be damned.  I think that actually helps.”